Our Services

New or Refurbished Systems & Parts

We will find the best equipment for your needs while staying within your budget. There are many options for reducing costs.

Structured Cabling

We build telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements called subsystems.

Wiring Clean Up

We won't ignore and leave behind unused wiring that causes such a mess! Clean up is free with a new installation.

Trade-In Credit Toward New Equipment

No need to just throw away your old equipment, get credit for it when you buy new or used equipment!

Service Conversions

When you need to switch phone service providers, i.e. AT&T to Charter, we can be the ITE person they require on site.


Remote and over-the-phone tech support are free. We also offer 24-hour service calls and less than 4 hour response time for emergencies. Maintenance contracts are available.

System Options

We offer Hosted and PBX systems

We will service existing systems on a time and material basis if you have no vendor or are shopping for a new vendor.

Superior Service
at Affordable Rates.

Our Rates Are $65.00 Per Hour, Charged In 30 Minute Increments

Consultations and system analysis are done at no charge. Remote and over-the-phone tech support are also free. We offer a one year warranty on used and refurbished parts, and a five year warranty on new parts. Maintenance contracts are also available.

We accept all major credit cards.

Programming Tutorials

How To Set The Time

One of the first steps for settling in with your new system is to set the clock to the correct time. Here is a step-by-step guide. Step by step instructions coming soon.

How To.......

More tutorials to come.

How To......

More tutorials to come.